Boys and Girls Club build model sail boats

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My name is Michelle Silverman, I work at a local after school boys and girls club in Florida- I just wanted to send you some feedback and let you know how much the kids and I enjoyed the Sailing and Boating info on your page, . We recently started this new project and we are having the kids build model sail boats and ships- we are eventually going to test their seaworthiness here once they finish- the kids have been having a blast learning about the history of sailboats and ship building- we thought your page in particular was great, and thought it would be a fun idea to send some positive feedback!

This has been a really neat project so far- the kids have been having fun learning about different types of sailboats and ships, and soon we’ll be finding designs they want and hopefully starting to create them! While we are still doing some research and wanted to send you our gratitude, the kids had a great idea that we could share another cool sailing/maritime related article with you. We did a little looking and the consensus was that this “Scouts’ guide to sailing knots”  article was a cool choice! I was hoping you might be able to check it out, and perhaps include it on your page? I’d love to share with them that we could contribute another neat sailing article!

Again, thanks so much for encouraging the kid’s interest in learning about sailing and maritime history- I love these hands on projects, and even more so when they are learning something! Hope you enjoy the article we wanted to share- have a wonderful day and hope to speak again soon!


Michelle Silverman

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