Safety, Standards & Systems: Optimizing your Organization’s Powerboat Safety

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As we prepare for spring events and summer programs, you are invited to review current safety protocols and performance assessments through the lenses of observation and expectations. How are we certain that our certified instructors, Race Committee personnel & others are demonstrating the OTW standards and requirements with fidelity and consistency? Do our instructors/coaches/volunteers know the organization’s expectations for safe boat operation? Who monitors that? Exactly which standards should we be applying?           

And safety equipment — prop guards, pumpjets, ECOS — what are the advantages and disadvantages of each? And soon we will be mandated to add fire extinguishers (April 2022) to our vessels.           

Join organizational leaders, coaches, directors, and others on Saturday,  March 19th, for a hands-on event led by US Powerboating Master Instructor Trainer Steve Maddox. Spend time on the water operating powerboats with each of the current safety options installed. Reacquaint yourselves with what you should be looking for in safe powerboat operation by staff…and more!           

The event is co-hosted by the Florida Sailing Association and the Edison Sailing Center. Registration is required for activity and lunch planning. 

There is NO cost to register. We will welcome the first 25 to register and will offer a waitlist should anyone need to cancel, or if we can expand the participant list. 

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