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The following content was compiled by the United States Optimist Dinghy Association.
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  1. 2015 Green Fleet Guidelines
    Parameters for Recognizing Performance
  2. 2015 It’s Not About Trophies 
    Scott Corder emphasis on fun instead of competitive results
  3. 2015 Green Fleet Participation Medals Genoa Fedyszyn 
    Acknowledging Green Fleet performance
  4. 2015 Green Fleet Participation Medals (2)
    Acknowledging Green Fleet Performance
  5. 2015 Sixth Graders Begin in Optis 
    Marylin Shapiro, Young Mariners Foundation community sailing
  6. Green Fleet Don’t Quit
    Brian Hawboldt and Julia Johansson authors Green Fleet approaches
  7. A Successful Green Fleet Racing Event
    Brian Hawboldt author, Green Fleet medals
  8. Sailing Word Play
    Courtesy of Ann Hiatt, Sailing Specialties
  9. SunAWARE Skin Types
    Maryellen Maguire-Eisen RN, MSN
  10. Raccoon Eyes 
    David Mendelblatt Eye Health on the water
  11. SunWARE Best Sunscreen
    Maryellen Maguire-Eisen RN, MSN
  12. Support Boats RIBS Kelly Gorman 
    Review of RIB performance
  13. Olimpic Sails Benefits Clay Johnson
    How sails are made and work for sailors
  14. Rooster Sailing Wear 
    Steve Cockerill author spray tops, hats, wetsuits
  15. Sun Protection Clothing 
    Maryellen Maguire-Eisen RN, MSN
  16. Q&A Zeke Horowitz North Sails One Design 
    Fun and success on the race course
  17. Preseason Maintenance
    Spencer Wiberley author, five steps to follow
  18. Environment Volvo Sailors experience
    Volvo Sailors Experience with Trash
  19. Volvo Ocean Race Call to Action Craig Leweck 
    Ocean Summit report and UN Environment Conference
  20. Juniors Reduce, Reuse and Recycle 
    Green regatta ideas
  21. Water Bottle Debate & Put Your Bow Down
    Annie Brett, Sailors for the Sea, author; Andrew Campbell sailing upwind fast
  22. Nutrition Fit Healthy Ready to sail
    Emma Kovacs author