VirtualĀ 2022 Test Rule 18 Quiz

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The Rule 18 WP is inviting sailors and race officials around the world to study the test rule, take the 2022 Test Rule 18 Quiz, and if possible use the test rule in their racing between now and July 15, 2022.

To take the virtual 2022 Test Rule 18 Quizclick here

If you are interested in organizing the use of the 2022 Test Rule 18 between now and July 15, 2022, or know of any fleets, clubs or classes which may be interested, email Dave Perry

To access the 2022 Test Rule 18 information online siteclick here

In the 2022 Test Rule 18 information online site you will find:

  • The 2022 Test Rule 18 (DR22-01 Rule 18, the preamble to Section C and Mark-Room)
  • A red-lined edition of the current rules showing the changes in the 2022 Test Rule 18
  • The language to put in the NoR for using the test rule
  • The virtual online 2022 Test Rule 18 Quiz
  • The preferred protest committee language for protests involving the test rule
  • Two papers explaining the significant simplifications and game changes in the test rule
  • The recording from my 2022 Test Rule 18 Zoom session on May 18, 2022 (just under an hour)
  • The powerpoint presentation I used for the 2022 Test Rule 18 Zoom session, so others can use it to share with those testing it on the water, etc.