Annual Meeting

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Dear FSA Members and Sailing Community Partners,

In 2016 I was given the privilege to represent the Florida Sailing Association as your Commodore. The membership has continued to trust me with this role for 4 years and for that I am grateful. We have worked on becoming more relevant and inclusive in our membership, communications, and accessibility to programs. As we continue to evolve, we realized that our current organizational model hierarchy of Flag Officers did not encourage membership to take on leadership roles.

To modernize our organization and without a change to the by-laws the leadership team would like to propose adding a committee centric model. The initial steering committees would be the following: Finance/Governance, Technology in Sailing, Programs/Development and Racing/Recreation(R&R). The pre-existing Appeals Committee will see a change in their Chairperson.

We did not receive nominations for our open Board positions. In the interim Donna Sue Marks will continue to serve as the EXCOM until a replacement is determined. Stephanie Webb will continue as our Secretary/Treasurer and Chair the Finance/Governance Committee.

Carol Robinson will Chair Programs/Development as well as sit on the Appeals Committee. Connie Harper will Chair Technology in Sailing. Donna Sue Marks will chair Racing/Recreation(R&R). The Chairs will seek to fill their committees with volunteer’s that represent members of FSA and encourage nonmembers that have an interest in the committees to join FSA.

All of us are experiencing phenomenal change in 2020. These committees are to encourage active and fun participation in the organization. If you have interest in another area to form a committee speak up.

Be well,
Donna Sue Marks – Area D FSA Commodore
2021 Area D Regional Sailing Association FSA

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